Deck Stains

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Deck Stains

Deck Stains | Aqua Pressure Power Washing - Wilmington, NC
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If you are home owner looking for a professional, reliable company to wash away or clean deck stains, so that your deck, fence, gazebo, or other wood structure looks new, look no further than Aqua Pressure Power Washing in Wilmington, NC.

We have over 15 years of experience working with all types of wood, power washing away the organic matter that make your wood look old and dull. Even the best decks begin to wear away and flake away over time. Morning dew, rain, and melting snow are absorbed by wood, leading to swelling and softening. Heat from the sun causes drying, making the wood in your structure to shrink and crack.

These cycles of wet and dry, shrinking and swelling, cause your wood to split, warp, and eventually rot. Deck stains will develop as materials age and we have cleaning processes to help restore your deck to its near-original appearance.

No job is too small or too big for us, and we take every cleaning project seriously. Your deck, fence, gazebo, or other wood structure is an important part of your home’s value and likely appraises with your property. Professional wood cleaning or power washing is a great way of removing graying wood, dirt, and mold to protect your investment. Let us give your wood restored life and help you avoid expensive repairs or replacement.

Our highly skilled and trained professionals are fully licensed to use a number of cleaning solutions and degrees of pressure to appropriately clean your wood without damaging your property. Aqua Pressure Power Washing has crews available throughout the week to ensure cleaning is done promptly and when it is the most convenient for you.

Visit our office in Wilmington, NC, or give us a call to get your free, no-obligation quote to have your deck stains cleaned. Aqua Pressure Power Washing looks forward to meeting all of your power washing, deck washing, and gutter cleaning needs.